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Tannewitz Band Saw Wheel & Bore (Hub) Repair

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Tannewitz (as well as most other brands) Band Saw Wheels can pose a problem when they start to wear out. Ship them to our shop & we will replace the rubber tires, check for other repairs & balance the wheel for you. We can also repair the bore (hub) to remove any vibration or wobble. Save time & money by having your bandsaw wheels reconditioned instead of replaced for thousands! (check with us for new and reconditioned wheels as well). 800-475-9991 (Ship to: Woodworkers Tool Works, N4299 Lien Rd., Melrose, WI 54642)

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Bandsaw Tire Trimming

Its easy to trim a bandsaw tire when installing a new one on your wheel.Click here to see video.

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Bandsaw tire install: ONE man - 15 Seconds!

Install bandsaw tire on wheel using ONE man in 15 seconds with Woodworkers Tool Works installation technique. 

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Delta Rockwell Jiffy Yates American Bandsaw Tires

Delta Rockwell Jiffy Rubber Bandsaw tires; Yates American; to replace Snap-Lock tires. 20″ tires made to bridge the gap on the rim of the wheel & are a special thickness. Only $65 each (sold individually – NOT as a pair) Works for machine model # 28-640 or model # 28-641. Pre-crowned tires are also available [...]

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